Kite Flying Sundays Afternoons

Kite Flying Sundays Afternoons

The cluttered community bulletin board;
Every café and coffee shop with any self respect has one.

Push-pin strung business cards abound
covering the range of services from
Astral Projections to Zodiac Readings
(this is is Santa Fe after all.)

There’s even one for Renaissance Man and
I wonder were I to call if I’d get a jester or a king.

There are apartments for rent,
homes for sale, and
should you buy one,
Affordable Professional Painting
will make it any color you choose!
Just ask for Steve.

A flyer with tear-off phone number tabs reminds me
it’s a whole new world through clean Windows.

Another features a tired looking 2001 Subaru
looking for a good home. Perhaps your new home
when the paint dries.

I stumble over Aikido & Yoga Class before realizing
they must have meant “Classes”
because otherwise that would be weird.

Then I see it,
way up in a corner,
soaring alone,
carefully cleared of any overlapping message kruft.

A simple, unpretentious invitation.


Personally hand lettered and featuring a smiling kite,
just to be clear.
There’s no contact information, no need to RSVP.
Come as you are, or
bring a friend if you like
and a kite.

Come join the community.


Amateur photographer, cyclist, and beer brewer in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

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